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Because one day you’ll look at them and wonder ‘when did you get so big?’

Each season of motherhood moves quicker than the last and your babies don’t stay little for long. You want to capture every moment as they grow, not so you can relive it, but so you can appreciate it when it’s gone.

10 month old baby girl sitting on her daddy's shoulders with mum looking up at her during their family photo session with Camden Family Photographer Stacey McCarthy

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Stacey McCarthy, Camden family photographer, sitting on a wooden bench with a pink and blue pastel wall behind her. She is wearing a pair of beige linen pants and a white top. Her hair is half pulled back off her face.


I'm Stacey

I’m a sentimental mum to a tween and a teen who is fueled by English Breakfast tea and Scotch Finger biscuits. I started my photography journey when my son was a baby, but I didn’t realise at the time how much those photos would pull at my heartstrings fifteen years later. 

kind words

“It was a wonderful experience”

“Stacey was so patient with our over excited 3 year old and so gentle with our newborn who just did not want to sleep during the session. We had a great time taking our photos and it was a wonderful experience”

- Cassie E.

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