Camden Family Photographer

An afternoon of sunshine and memories to last a lifetime!

Playing and laughing together while the sun quietly sets in the background is about so much more than a family photo. We’re embracing the chaos of motherhood, capturing the innocence of your babies and creating beautiful memories that will delight you, and them, for years to come.

head and shoulders picture of Stacey McCarthy - Camden Family Photographer, wearing a blue knitted jumper and a big smile on her face.

Photos that are less about per-fection and more about a-ffection!

Hey, I’m Stacey!

I’ve been a Camden family photographer for 15 years, almost as long as I’ve been a mum. When I started my journey in photography I wanted to capture all the things I know are special to us as mums – every tiny detail, the way they change and grow so quickly (blah, blah, blah!). And while all that is still true, after losing my mum in 2019, my perspective as a photographer changed.

Now I go into your session and I photograph from the heart, from the place of a daughter. Capturing all the things I know your kids will want to remember one day – all the things that will remind them what it feels like to be LOVED BY YOU

From untamed toddlers to pouty teens, these days that go by quicker than you can blink - they all have something worth remembering!

Collage of four images each with a mother and her little girl standing in a grassy field surrounded by beautiful glowy light, snuggling and smiling with each other.

the SMP experience

It's daunting getting in front of the camera!

What if you could spend an afternoon with your family, having fun, playing games and showering them with so much love that you’d forget you were even being photographed?

sounds great, right?

Then when you open your gallery you’ll squeal with delight (there might even be a few tears) because, that afternoon of fun and making memories has turned into photos more special than you could’ve ever imagined.

what other SMP Mums are saying...

“She made us feel so comfortable during our newborn shoot”

“Stacey was so patient with our over excited 3 year old and so gentle with our newborn who just did not want to sleep during the session. We had a great time taking our photos. It was a wonderful experience”

- Cassie E.

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