meet stacey – family photographer based in Camden, NSW

a bit about my journey


It all started when I was a kid. My neighbour would share her stories and experiences through her old photos. She would reminisce for ages and it made me fall in love with the power of photography. I got my first camera at 19 and found so much joy in capturing special moments for my friends and family. Babies, weddings, parties, you name it – I always had a camera in my hands!


Fast forward to today and I’m a mum to two gorgeous kids, Cooper and Holly. My journey as a mum is what inspired me to focus on family photography because I know now how quickly they grow, like, literally quicker than you can blink!

My favourite things...

1. TEA: My (daytime) drink of choice. (Vodka, in case you’re wondering!)

2. CARAMEL: The way to my heart is literally anything caramel flavoured!

3. FOOTY OBSESSED: I’m a total fan girl, and if you invite me to anything between April and September you better believe I’ll be checking the footy draw before I RSVP!

4. MY SISTER, NICOLE. She’s my little sister, but she’s always been my biggest cheerleader and my BFF!

5. YELLOWSTONE: Literally revived my teenage crush on Kevin Costner! (His sidekick isn’t too bad either – IYKYK)

Sydney family photographer, Stacey McCarthy, sitting on her living room floor casually smiling at the camera

“I’m always blown away by the amazing images Stacey captures”

– Tara P.

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