Little boy sitting on his dad's shoulders walking down a tree lined dirt road with his mum next to them looking up at him by Sydney family photographer, Stacey McCarthy

What NOT to wear for your family photos

You’re so focused on what to dress the family in for your family photos, you probably haven’t thought about what NOT to wear! Let me break down the top four things to avoid when choosing your outfits.

Bright red

Bright red can be a nightmare to photograph and often looks patchy in the final images. It can also throw nasty colour casts onto your skin and accentuate the red in your natural skin tone (trust me red faces don’t look good on anyone!). If you do love red, choose a burgundy or rust shade instead.

Neon Anything

Neon colours, just like red, can cast unwanted colours onto skin and nearby objects. It’s bright and will draw the eye away from your beautiful faces, and it’s not flattering on anyone! Instead choose softer colours like pastels or neutral tones.

Bright White

Bright white is very stark and can often end up looking blue in photographs. Large amounts of white can loose details and leave you looking like a big white blob. When choosing whites for your family photos think off-white or cream, and add some texture like lace or knit layers for interest.


I know what you’re thinking – but black makes me look slimmer – but it actually doesn’t. It looses detail and can leave your skin looking dull and washed out. Black is a lot like white when it comes to your family photos, too much and you’ll end up looking like a big black blob. We want your photos to be classic and timeless and we want your outfits to represent your family and your personalities. If you must wear black, try to use it sparingly and make sure there is some texture or pattern in the black to break it up.

Now you know what NOT to wear when choosing outfits for your family photos, you can get back to deciding on what you ARE going to wear.

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