Pregnant couple walking down a bush track looking at each other, holding hands while she hugs her belly

5 Reasons you need a maternity photo shoot

I may be biased, but I think every pregnancy deserves a maternity photo shoot. At various times during your pregnancy, you’ve probably had people tell you “you’re glowing” and despite the glowing skin, luscious hair and gorgeous baby bump, you’re probably feeling anything but beautiful.

If you’re anything like me, unfortunately you’ll also get to experience the downside of pregnancy – swollen ankles, stretch marks, varicose veins and mood swings – but, hear me out!

You may or may not be feeling your best during your pregnancy, and maternity photos are probably the last thing on your mind, BUT, your body is doing incredible things, and you deserve to be celebrated!

Here are my top five reasons every Mumma-to-be should book a maternity photo session.



It’s a celebration of your body 

As much as being pregnant can suck sometimes (hello morning sickness!), your body is doing amazing things, like growing a human! I remember lying in my hospital bed the night after giving birth to Cooper and just feeling so bloody proud of myself. That tiny little person sleeping in that crib was created, nourished, and bought into this world by me – and that’s a pretty awesome achievement. Even if you don’t feel like your most beautiful self, your body is changing and growing and nurturing life, and that deserves to be celebrated!


It’s an excuse to pamper yourself 

Prepping for your maternity photo shoot is the perfect excuse to get pampered – not that we need an excuse, right! But when you walk out of the salon with those fresh hair feels you just seem to have a little bit more spring in your step, not to mention what a professional make up artist can do for your confidence. Of course you’re gunna have to go all out with a mani/pedi as well – for all those close up belly shots! When you look good, you feel good, and I want you to feel like that every time you look at your maternity photos. I often recommend you go out somewhere special for dinner after your session so you can take full advantage of feeling this fabulous!


Pregnant woman standing in a field of wait high golden grass during her maternity photo shoot



It’s a chance to bond with your partner

Partners can sometimes feel a little bit left out during the pregnancy journey, they don’t get to bond and connect with the baby like we do, so a maternity photo shoot is a great opportunity for them to feel like part of the journey again. Shutting out the noise and being present with each other gives you a chance to reconnect and shower each other with affection, but also gives them a chance to build an emotional bond with your baby bump. Slowing down life and taking a moment to soak it all in, getting a little bit intimate and really embracing this new and exciting time in your lives.


Your little one will love them!

I don’t know about you, but I loved it when my mum would tell stories about me when I was little, stories about being pregnant, and the day I was born, I only wish she had photos to go along with them. I would have loved seeing her with a big pregnant belly and seeing all the similarities with my own pregnancy. I promise, having photos documenting your pregnancy will be something you will treasure, and your little one will love looking back at them when they’re older.


You’re going to miss your bump

While you’re probably not going to miss all the crappy side effects of pregnancy, and you probably can not wait for it to be over, I promise you – you’re going to miss your bump! You’re going to miss the calmness of pregnancy, the magic of growing a new life, the connection to your belly as you feel every hiccup, every kick, every headbutt. It’s literally a part of you. You’ve spent the past nine months growing a tiny human in there, feeling their every movement, then suddenly they’re not there anymore. You might even look at your maternity photos in a few months time and find yourself saying “I miss being pregnant!”

Scheduling a maternity session should be on every Mumma-to-be’s to-do list. It’s the start of your journey into motherhood and a beautiful experience for you and your partner as you transition from a couple to a family. It’s also something your baby will cherish as physical proof of how excited you were to bring them into this world.

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