How to style your family for your family photos

There are three main things that contribute to the overall look of your family photos – light, location and clothing. Today I’m going to talk about clothing, how it can influence the feel of your imagery, and how to style your family to get the look you love.

Remember the days of everyone wearing jeans and white t-shirts for your family photos? So 1990’s, right! Gone are the days of matchy-matchy, thank goodness, and instead choosing coordinating colours and styles to flatter your body and show your personality.

When I style my families I like to stick to one of three colour schemes. Which one you choose will depend on your personality, the décor in your home, and of course how you want your photographs to look.


When I think of timeless I think of natural colour tones, soft fabrics and styles that won’t date. An earthy and timeless colour scheme is popular for newborn session because it keeps the focus on baby. Browns, creams and light tans make up the main colour palette for a dreamy and timeless style with natural fibres like cotton and linen to add texture to your images.

How to style your family - earthy and timeless colour scheme

A soft and romantic colour scheme lends itself to beautiful, ethereal, slightly feminine imagery, but that’s not to say it’s not for the boys! Think muted pastels, light ice greys and soft neutrals. Lace dresses and tulle skirts are perfect for this style of wardrobe.

How to style your family - soft and romantic colour scheme

Fun and bold lends itself to deeper colours, jewel tones and mismatched/complimentary colours. Think dark wash denim, deep teals and marrons and pops of orange or yellow. This style is perfect for adventurous families and is great for outdoor sessions.

How to style your family - fun and bold colour scheme
  1. Dress like you would for a special event. Even if you’re style is super casual and laidback – take it that little bit extra.
  2. Avoid everyone wearing the same colour tone. If you want to stick to a particular colour, try mixing different shades, patterns and textures.
  3. Play with complimentary colours for added variety, just stick to the same tone to keep it cohesive (eg: bold or pastel)
  4. Be comfortable! The last thing you want is to be fidgeting or having to ‘fix’ your outfit throughout your session.

Read this blog post for tips on which colours to avoid when styling for your family photos.


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